Medication Organizers

Always remember to take your medications on time with medication organizers from Wiley's

Take the Guess Work Out of Taking Your Medication

Do you take multiple medications every day and need a full-proof system to keep them all straight? Many medications have specific dosages that need to be taken in order to be effective. Missing or repeating medication dosages can cause serious health issues. To prevent this from happening, ask our pharmacists about our convenient medication organizers, the perfect tool to keep you on track! We have a variety of medication organizers to help make sure you are taking the right amount of your medication every day.

Benefits of Using medication organizers

  • Automatically manages complicated dosing schedules
  • Reduces the risk of errors
  • Keeps track of multiple medications
  • Allows the patient to know how much medication they have left

Wiley’s Medication Organizers

  • OnePac – a 7 Day supply of medication packaged in perforated strips
  • Mediset – a medication container pre-filled by your pharmacist with all of your medications for the week
  • And more!

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