Always take the right medication dosage at the right time with the Mediset pill organizer

Mediset Makes Remembering your daily medication simple!

Are you confused about which medications to take when? Do you worry about taking medications more often than you need to? Do you take multiple medications every day? Then you need Mediset pill organizer from Wiley’s Pharmacy!

Mediset takes all the guesswork out of taking your medications and ensures you take the right medication at the right time every day!

How a Mediset Pill Organizer Works

Mediset is a special medication container, pre-filled by your pharmacist with all of your medications for the week. Your medications will be conveniently divided in each container by the day and time the medication needs to be taken. You simply open the appropriate section of the container at the correct time of day and take your medication. No more worrying that you forgot a dose of medication. No more guesswork about when to take your medication. Just check your container and you’re all set.

To make things even easier, Wiley’s Pharmacy can pick up your empty containers and deliver a four week supply of medication right to your door, all pre-filled and ready to take at just the right time.

Mediset works best for patients who need to remember to take up to 4 different medications on a daily basis. Our Mediset unit provides space for a 7-day supply with 4 daily time components, so it’s flexible and easy to use.

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