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Wiley's offers free pharmacy consultations to help you manage your medications

Learn more about your medication from experts

There’s a lot to know about how to properly take your medications and understand your body’s reaction to it. We offer free pharmacy consultations at all four Wiley’s locations with your local Wiley’s pharmacist. You can call your local Wiley’s pharmacy to schedule an appointment or walk-in and speak with an available pharmacist. Our goal is to take care of you from start to finish.

Wiley’s Free Pharmacy Consultations Cover a Variety of Topics Including:

  • How to take your medication on the right day, at the right time
  • Explain how your medication interacts with food and other drugs
  • Provide compliance packaging like OnePac and Mediset
  • Discuss medication synchronization to fill all prescriptions on the same day
  • Offer free blood pressure checks and blood pressure cards to help you self-monitor
  • Fill out medication cards that help you keep track of your medication
  • Show patients how to properly dispose of unused medication
  • And more!

Visit or call your local Wiley’s pharmacy for your free consultation today!

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