Why Switch to Wiley’s?

When you fill a prescription, does your pharmacist give you personalized services that make you feel like a valued member of the community? If not, then you’re probably going to a corporate pharmacy that thinks more about its profits than its patients.

Luckily, transferring prescriptions is easy when you use a family-owned business like Wiley’s Pharmacy. After you make the switch, you get exceptional, small-town services that make you feel safe and welcome.

Transferring Prescriptions to Wiley’s Pharmacy

Switching pharmacies has never been easier thanks to Wiley’s commitment to your needs.

To transfer prescriptions to Wiley’s from another pharmacy, you just:

  1. Stop by or call one of our locations.
  2. Provide the name of your medication along with the name and phone number of your old pharmacy.

It only takes you two steps to start getting your prescriptions from a family-owned pharmacy you can trust.

Wiley’s Does the Legwork to Transfer Your Prescriptions

Wiley’s pharmacists do all of the legwork behind the scenes to make sure you get the drugs you need on time.

After getting information from you, one of your location’s employees will contact the pharmacy that has your prescription on file.

Sometimes prescriptions don’t have any remaining refills. That’s okay! Wiley’s will contact your prescribing physician to authorize additional refills.

Getting Your Prescriptions From Wiley’s Pharmacy

In the future, you can submit prescription refill requests online. The request gets sent to your Wiley’s pharmacy, where trained personnel will fill the order.

Wiley’s will even send you an email when your prescription has been filled. If you want to pick up your medication in person, come by the pharmacy. If you want the drugs shipped to your location, just provide your delivery address when you order your refill.

Make the Switch to Wiley’s, Today!

No one will treat you as well as a family-owned pharmacy that puts your health above everything else. Transfer your prescriptions, today! Then, you can have your medications delivered, or you can pick them up at a Wiley’s location in Millersville, Quarryville, Hempfield, or Strasburg.

Remember to always consult your physician before adding a new supplement to your regiment to reduce the risk of interference.