Trick or Treat Safety for Kids

Trick-or-treating is a fun Halloween activity that makes great memories for kids. It’s the holiday that gives kids the chance to be somebody else for one night and let their imaginations run wild! But it’s important not to go too overboard and make sure that walking, costumes, and candy are handled sensibly, so that everyone can enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

Here are a few planning tips to ensure trick-or-treat safety for kids:

  1. Plan Your Route

Even familiar places can become disorienting in the dark. Figure out what route you’d like to take ahead of time—you may even want to do a quick dry run during the daytime, just to scope out how far you’d like to go. Many neighborhoods have apps that indicate which houses will be participating in trick-or-treat, which makes it even easier to plan ahead.

Some other factors to consider when planning your route are: choose areas that have sidewalks and streetlights, whenever possible, and find direct routes that won’t require you to cross the street too often.

  1. Walk in a Group

The bigger your group, the better. Make sure there’s always an adult present. By traveling with many other trick-or-treaters, you’ll be more visible to cars. Having a buddy system will also help ensure that no one falls behind or gets lost. Plus, it’s more fun to go with your friends.

  1. Obey Traffic and Pedestrian Laws

Just because there are more people out doesn’t mean you can run rampant in the streets. Always pay attention to traffic signals and use crosswalks. If your neighborhood doesn’t have crosswalks, crossing the street at corners that have stop signs is the safest place to cross.

  1. Wear Comfy Shoes

To get the most candy possible, you’ll need to cover some ground. Make sure your feet stay happy in sensible shoes that can go the distance.

  1. Costumes Should be Creative, but Sensible

Avoid tripping hazards by ensuring long skirts and capes are an appropriate length. Light colors are more visible to cars than dark ones, so if your costume must be black, make sure to incorporate reflective elements and lights into your look.

  1. Stay Well Lit

Since the sun goes down sooner in autumn, it’s important to anticipate how dark it will get and stay visible to cars and other people enjoying the festivities. Carry a flashlight or wear glow stick necklaces—you can even get creative and incorporate glow sticks into your costume!

  1. Inspect Candy Before Digging In

Never eat any trick-or-treat items that are not in a sealed package. This includes: fruit, homemade baked goods, and candy that appears to have been tampered with. When it comes to food allergies, don’t rely on food labels alone. Many fun-size candies do not contain ingredient lists.

By following these easy guidelines, you can enjoy all the fun times trick-or-treating has to offer, while staying safe too. Trick-or-treating is a wonderful part of childhood and should be celebrated with all the imagination you can muster.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!