Custom Dosages

Compounding Pharmacy

Custom Prescriptions designed with You in mind

At Wiley’s, we believe that every customer deserves individualized care and attention. However, most prescription drugs are mass-produced to be one-size-fits-all. For some of our customers, taking certain medications in their standard dosages can be an issue. Wiley’s is a compounding pharmacy, which means our pharmacists have the ability to customize your prescriptions to meet your needs.

When you need a custom medication solution, Wiley’s prepares custom prescriptions using a smaller dosage that is taken more frequently. Your physician should provide us with information concerning your sensitivity to standard dosages of your medication.

Smaller Pills / Liquids

Many of our customers have trouble ingesting medications in their prescribed form. We can create a customized formulation of your medication in a smaller pill form or in some cases a liquid, that provides the same benefits and dosage, but in an easier to ingest formulation.

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