Heart-Healthy Valentine Gifts

Sure, you could surprise your sweetie with roses and candy. But what better way to celebrate National Heart Month with some heart-healthy valentine gifts? Rather than tempting your date (and yourself) with sweets, think outside the chocolate box. We’ve got five easy ways to put your heart first this holiday.

Volunteer on Valentine’s

Save dinner and a movie for a rainy day. Instead, ask your sweetheart to volunteer with you at a local organization. Giving back is a healthy habit that can boost your mood and help beat stress. Volunteering regularly can even help you live longer.

Catch a Comedy Show

Turns out, My Funny Valentine has some merit. According to the American Heart Association, laughing regularly can lower stress hormones, decrease inflammation in your arteries, and raise your levels of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol).

Classroom Creativity

If your kids are celebrating Valentine’s Day at school, send stickers, art supplies, coloring books, and other fun items in place of candy. Swing by Wiley’s for a full assortment of school supplies!

Go for Dark Cocoa

When it comes to choosing chocolates for your beloved, the darker the better. Dark cocoa is high in flavanoids, the anti-inflammatory nutrients found in vegetables, fruits, chocolate, and wine. Up the antioxidants by dipping strawberries in dark chocolate. Just remember to enjoy the sweet stuff in moderation!

Give From the Heart

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a sentimental gift. Grab a heartfelt Hallmark card and a framed photo of you and your beloved — both available at Wiley’s.