Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Submitted: December 15, 2018 | Submitted By: Wileys Pharmacy

With so many cookies and comfort foods around the holidays, many people start craving healthier options. Remember that after the holidays comes New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts to healthy lifestyles. So, this year, give your family and friends a head start on healthy habits by exploring these healthy holiday gift ideas.

Fruit Basket

An oldie but a goodie—you can never go wrong with a classic fruit basket. Purchasing all the components and assembling a custom basket is a cost-effective way to present an impressive gift. But if you don’t have time to put together your own fruit basket, there are plenty of grocery stores or other businesses that will create one for you. In some cases, these companies will even deliver fruit baskets to the recipient in a similar fashion to a flower service.


Along the same lines as the gift of fruit, a nice blender is a practical appliance that the recipient can use to make smoothies or power shakes. Kick this gift up a notch by including a recipe book, so the recipient can get off to a great start with delicious smoothie ideas that they can customize as they please. Trust us, there’s some type of magic that happens when frozen fruits and yogurt are blended together. Plus, it’s such a convenient grab-and-go breakfast for those early morning commutes that provides a healthy start to the day.

Massage gift card

Not only are massages relaxing and luxurious, but they are also healthy! A good massage will ease muscle tension and prompt your body to release natural endorphins—improving both your physical and emotional health. A massage gift card is a great way to give someone an excuse to pamper themselves a little bit.

Natural soaps

If the person on your list prefers to be pampered at home rather than a spa, natural soaps promote relaxation and serenity. Pair them with a nice robe, scented candle, or loofa (or all of the above) to create a thoughtful present for the recipient to use and enjoy.

Athletic wear

Know someone who loves working out? Giving athletic attire as a gift is a great way to support your loved one’s healthy lifestyle… and fashion style as well. Not sure of their size? No problem! A gym bag, water bottle, and yoga mat would all be great gifts for anyone who attends yoga or Pilates classes. And even if they already have all the gear they need, it never hurts to keep an extra set of athletic gear on hand.


Skip the gifts of sugar and booze. This year, focus more on wellness and promoting healthy practices. Healthy gifts are a great way to show the recipient that you care enough about them to wish them good health and (ultimately) happiness. So, no matter who’s on your list this year, there’s sure to be a healthy gift that’s suitable for every interest and personality type.

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