How Will You Celebrate Grandparents Day?

Submitted: September 1, 2019 | Submitted By: Wileys Pharmacy

The most beautiful thing about intergenerational communication is the potential for people to learn from one another. Each generation’s experience is unique, so any opportunity for kids to spend time with their grandparents should be treasured. At Wiley’s Pharmacy, we value quality time with family, which is why we’re encouraging all our shoppers to spend September 8th (National Grandparents Day) connecting with older loved ones.

If you’re not sure how you’d like to celebrate Grandparents Day, think about some of these ways that people from all generations can bond.

  1. Cook Together – People have been bonding over food since the beginning of civilization. Maybe there’s a signature family recipe the grandparent in your life would like to pass down. Even something as simple as sharing a grilled cheese can be a great way for kids and grandparents to find common ground and do something together.
  2. Listen to Music – Just like food, music spans all cultures and ages. Maybe your grandparent has a favorite musical artist from their youth. If you have a record player, even better! Kids will be excited to learn about technology from a different time.
  3. Look at Family Photos – Nothing beats photos when it comes to visual learning. Printed photographs, albums, or even slides will help kids visualize how their grandparents grew up and it will be fun for grandparents to walk down memory lane and reminisce about their past.
  4. Make a Craft or Assemble a Jigsaw Puzzle – Sometimes, getting a conversation started is easier while completing an easy activity, like working on a craft or puzzle. There’s just something about putting light focus on something else that can help the words flow. Plus, if you make a craft together, you can have a nice keepsake to take home and commemorate your time together.
  5. Visit a Retirement Home – If your grandparents are no longer living, Grandparents Day is a perfect opportunity to support the elderly in your community. Encourage kids to make hand-drawn greeting cards and give them out to residents. Maybe spend some time chatting or playing a game with someone. It will undoubtedly make their day and help bridge the generational gap.
  6. Run Errands Together – It may sound strange, but sometimes even just going about the day with a grandparent or taking them to run errands can be an opportunity to spend quality time together. Take them to the pharmacy and spend some extra time exploring the aisles.

Learning from our elders has always brought value to new generations. Understanding history, where we came from, and remembering the past sets us up for a better future. So, this Grandparents Day, take time to show someone how much you care. And remember that Wiley’s Pharmacy offers gifts and cards for all occasions—even just to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

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