What are the Best Easter Gifts?

Submitted: April 1, 2019 | Submitted By: Wileys Pharmacy

Easter celebrations bring families together. Gift giving is customary in many families to honor the occasion. If that’s your tradition, here are some of the best Easter gifts to show gratitude for those you love. After you peruse the list, check out Wiley’s Gift Shop for these items and more.

Spring Flowers

It shouldn’t be a surprise that fresh flowers make the list of best Easter gifts. A colorful bouquet of spring flowers is sure to bring on the smiles. Fill an Easter-themed vase or unique container with lilies, tulips, or any combination of spring flowers.

Candies and Sweet Treats

From cookies, cakes, and Easter candy to chocolate dipped fruits and berries, sweet treats always make an impression. Pack an Easter tin with cookies, fill a decorative bowl with chocolate Easter eggs, or create a festive fruit platter as your gift.

Scented Candles

Wonderful aromas and warm glows make scented candles one of the best Easter gifts. Pretty and purposeful, candles create ambiance and atmosphere. For Easter, choose among the array of springs colors and scents.

Arts and Crafts

Homemade treasures say you care. Show how crafty you are by creating and gifting items of spring such as door wreaths, artwork, jewelry, or unique storage containers. The possibilities are endless.


Collectables for the collectors in your family also make the list of best Easter gifts. Consider gifting Easter-themed collectibles such as ceramic eggs, figurines, plush bunnies, vases, and seasonal ornaments.

Books, Games and Activity Sets

Kids of all ages, from tots to tweens, teens and beyond will all enjoy games and activity bundles as Easter gifts. Board games, coloring books, kites, and construction sets are all great options. Plus, the entire family can get in on the fun.

Picture Frames

Plenty of pictures are taken during family gatherings. Let the hostess display those special and memorable images for the whole family to enjoy in the perfect frame. Whether you choose artistic, rustic, traditional, or modern styles, picture frames make the best Easter gifts.

Gift Baskets

Easter baskets are a perennial favorite as one of the best Easter gifts for kids and adults alike. Make baskets extra special by filling them with personalized goodies.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, remember that an important aspect of the day is the connection with family and loved ones. Quality family time over a special meal truly honors the spirit of Easter. Perhaps, the gift of time is the best Easter gift to give.

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