Custom Medications

In addition to our top-quality prescription filling services, the pharmacists at Wiley's Pharmacy can also prepare custom medications for your unique needs. Wiley's is the best one of the compounding pharmacies in Lancaster, PA - with years of experience and knowledge in filling the right prescription, every time.

Allergy Issues

If you are allergic to many of the preservatives or dyes that are part of some standard medications, we can prepare your medication without these additives to minimize side effects and prevent allergic reactions. Our skilled pharmacists can create compounded medication in Lancaster, PA to meet your individual needs. Have your physician notify our pharmacy of any allergies and we'll modify your medication to accommodate your sensitivities.

Custom Dosages

Taking some medications in their standard dosages is an issue for some of our customers. In these cases, we can prepare the medication using a smaller dosage that is taken more frequently. Your physician should provide us with information concerning your sensitivity to standard dosages of your medication.

Smaller Pills / Liquids

Many of our customers have trouble ingesting medications in their prescribed form. We can create a customized formulation of your medication in a smaller pill form or in some cases a liquid, that provides the same benefits and dosage, but in an easier to ingest formulation.

Flavored Medications

If you have trouble getting your children to take their medication, our flavored medications may be just the thing. Our compounding pharmacist can work directly with your physician to prepare the medication with a flavoring agent that makes the it more palatable, while maintaining the medication's effectiveness. The result? Your children may actually look forward to taking their medication!

Pet Medications

Standard dosages of many medications are not recommended for many pets since they may be too concentrated for smaller animals. If your veterinarian prescribes medication for your pet in a custom dosage, we can easily fill your prescription. This may be especially helpful for smaller animals including many cat breeds, guinea pigs, rabbits and other rodent species.


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